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Maitre’D Does It All

Look inside any of the more than 20,000 restaurants that have been “powered by Maitre’D” : you’ll find it at the heart of every part of the operation. That’s Maitre’D on the floor and at the register. That’s Maitre’D taking orders wirelessly and online. And that’s Maitre’D in the back office, keeping track of every garnish and guest to ensure your profitability.

We Support It All

Our international team—including a hundred trained and certified resellers— handles all the Maitre’D set up, installation and support, from entering your menus to setting your schedules to configuring your accounting integration. And you can be certain you’ll have ongoing support all the time.

So You Can Have It All

Whether your restaurant is fine dining or fast food, whether you run a hotel or a full event venue, Maitre’D streamlines your service, controls your kitchen, manages your money, and a whole lot more :

  • Take orders quickly

  • Excel at customer service

  • Schedule remotely

  • Comply effortlessly

  • Track profitability

  • Reward loyalty

  • Go mobile and online

  • Get deliveries right

  • Control waste and theft

  • Integrate seamlessly

  • Manage inventory

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